Inspire, educate, challenge, support, innovate, excellence...

These are just a few words that spring to mind regarding The Broadway Experience. This is our 10th Anniversary year and I am thrilled to tell you a little about our very special program.

TBE was created with the intent to educate, develop, and strengthen the skills of young dancers, singers, and actors by giving them a triple threat educational experience of the highest caliber. We provide insight into what it takes to have a successful career in musical theatre. 

Whilst performing professionally I spent as much time in the classroom as I could. Working with young, emerging artists was always a source of inspiration and fulfilling beyond words. You have to have a belief in the younger generation and get out of your own way to be able to pass along all of the gifts that you’ve received. You have to want to do that, and I do. 

Over time I found other artists like myself who share a passion for arts education. Those are the kind of teachers and educators I constantly strive to find, the ones that provide immense inspiration and so readily share their expertise, possessing the ability to dig in deep and see beyond what is possible. Teachers that make an impact and make a difference.

Students are pushed way beyond their comfort zone in a supportive and nurturing environment; we create a level playing field where excellence is expected. The key to success is hard work, determination, and collaboration. We always look for the most passionate students who are willing to give their all. 

TBE provides a training that works in parallel to industry requirements. We keep a close eye on how the professional world shifts and morphs and adjust our programming accordingly. Many of our students have gone on to college or stepped into the professional world having realized that this is exactly what they were meant to do. It is a privilege to see somebody realize their calling and collectively we allow students to not only dream but help them to fully realize their dreams.

Welcome to The Broadway Experience. 

Ben Hartley. Founder & Director.